some interesting things I'm allowed to show publicly:

ajD2bs - New automation system in action. OCR, objects detection, human behavior imitation, pseudo-AI, path-finding, etc. C#.
Video Example: Diablo 2

poeFlipper - Grabbing sites + getting multiple API data + analyzing + automatization + passing the Turing test = profit. C#.
Screen: 1

aiCsTm - My first trade bot.
Screen: 1

ajDX - My own engine for 3D apps and games making. Based on pure C++ and DirectX.
Go to Zeto (3D FPS game) homepage

ajScrLng "A--" - a scripting language. based on pure C++.
View base API

ajBS + ajOrbIt - An old game bot. C++.
Video Example: Path of Exile

AjAdmin - Easy but powerful site controlling system including a lot of modules.
Example: AjAdmin for Voxbox: 1, 2, 3, 4

Flash, AIR, Android

Cross-platform games and software (ActionScript 3):

driveAlive - a game to show stage3D capability. away3D.
Go to driveAlive homepage

Manga Heroes - Search-based apps constructor in action. Starling, Feathers, Google API.
Video Example: Android app

Abenteuer Allrad - Multifunctional application for the largest off road fair in the world. It was made with Feathers for big touchscreen panels located in many places of the whole city.

Space Rumba - High dynamic space shooter for Android. Testing pure AIR with mass objects for Android.
See more and download from Google Play

Vector Graphics Maker - Well-known desktop gfx editors interface is available on your tablets. Now you can create your images so easy as you do it on PC.
See more and download from Google Play

Flappy Words - Arcade "flappy" game with word collection gameplay hybrid. A common game for Android.
See more and download from Google Play

Android Tests - AIR is not a game developers instrument only. Android application for some device tests.
See more and download from Google Play

Contracts - Contra-like flash game. Shooter + platformer, a game for FGDCup.

ajTB - The first flash game that was made for FGDC competition during 6 days. The source code was improved later and became the base for my all other flash games: topdown shooters, Tower Defence, platformers etc.

ajTileMapEditor - The main tool for flash game creation. Editor is based on the same AS3 engine but this time oriented for Adobe AIR.
Screens: 1, 2, 3

ajTShirtConstructor - A lightweight T-shirt constructor, enough said.
swf = 180 Kb.
Go to demo

Old software for Windows ME/XP

Some programs from my freeware collection:

AjSokoban - self-made version of the "Sokoban" game. There're a lot of game options: multiaccounts, stats, best records, map packs, skins, etc.
Made with VB5-VB6.

- few systems for Windows administration. Files logger, launched processes controller, working with Databases, MSWord support etc.
Open source app.

- this program was created for hardware diagnostics purposes. It allows to check system detail parameters (processor, motherboard, video card, hard disc, etc).

- the app working with graphic objects. You can mark any pictures object, calc the length of each zone, size etc. This is actually a useful program for a lot of tasks in medicine if you know how to use it.

The main Starcraft 1 timer.

Diablo 2 Projects
Some tools for Diablo 2 and PoE.
Go to Diablo 2 Projects pageGo to PoE Projects page.

Internet sites

Few previews - year by year:
AFov SamaraLan
HiQ VoxBox