Diablo 2 Projects

I can create different applications by demand.
Here you can see some private tools for Diablo 2 (1.13d, 1.14d, PoD).

ajD2ItemViewer. Helps to track items on your mules so you can trade faster. Shows ilvl, classId and (for no modified servers) base names of items, finds items in saved lists.
Demo restrictions: "view classId" disabled + 2 save files max.
Download demo: (ajD2ItemViewer_200525_demo.7z)

ajD2ItemViewer Screenshot

ajD2ItemViewer Screenshot ajD2ItemViewer Screenshot

ajD2Shopper. Buys Drognans good Pala Scepters, Anya claws, 3/20 gloves, 4/100 armors, JWoDs etc.
Anya stats:
# 1.13d: Items check speed: 14000+ per hour
# 1.14d: Items check speed: 9000+ per hour
Drognan stats:
# check video:

ajD2Compass. Shows level warps and nearby monsters.

ajD2Follower. Orders mules to follow a leader.
Additional features: target assistance, auto-party, create/join next games by hotkeys.
aka "ajD2_Slave_113d + ajD2_Slave_114d".

ajD2bs. The limited software example. The all-in-one game bot.

There's no memory writing / dll injection / packet manipulation etc. My tools don't harm servers in any way.

Old Projects
- simple program to view item's level. It shows ilvl in Diablo 2 window and in the console. Using 'reading memory'. version: 1.13d. :: movie
- tools for multi-copies of Diablo 2 game. This program can help you at:
# baalruns: you can create/join ng by hotkeys, forget about gamename/passwords.
# csruns xp: leechers follow main char - step by step.
# private mf games: "slaves" follow their "leader" from game to game.
# auto bo: by hotkey.
# auto party: all D2 chars takes the party by pressing one hotkey.
# casting skills (Right Mouse Button) imitation: helps to clean area.
..maybe you'll find other options (auto-enchant, for example).
version: 1.13d.

ajD2AnyaClawBuyer :: movie
- yes, this is my "legit" shop bot for Diablo 2 LoD. it can't be detectable. no memory access, only pixels recognizing.
version: 1.07-1.14, and Single.

simple program. use W-A-S-D keys to move your character like you do it in other games.
version: any.

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